Real-Life Saves

This is a small handful of the 419 lives saved by the Dechoker® device.

Please, protect your loved ones today! Choking tragedies are preventable. A child chokes to death once every 2 days. We pray you never need our product, but statistics say you will and when that time comes, the Dechoker® device has the ability to clear airway debris in seconds:

"The traditional 'life saving' techniques that we have all been taught just didn’t work."

"I just want to write you all to thank you so very much for your device. My 2-year-old started cooking on a piece of cheese at the dinner table. We saw her immediately and started doing the infant Heimlech maneuver on her and it wasn’t working at all. She was turning blue and we panicked. We ran and grabbed the Dechoker and with 2 pumps it cleared her airway. I get emotional just thinking about what could’ve happened if we didn’t have the Dechoker because with her tiny little lungs and the small amount of air she had already…911 would not have been fast enough. The traditional “life saving” techniques that we have all been taught just didn’t work. Your device saved her life and I can’t thank you enough. We purchased 2 more that very night to make sure that we had multiple just in case and within reach. We also recommended it to many of our close friends and family members. Thank you very much for keeping our family whole and together. Your Dechoker made a difference that night." -  Weston R.

Peanut Butter and Muffin Removed from 60-year-old

"Used the child Dechoker (only one available to me at the time) on a 60-year-old female. Although it was small, it worked as it should to remove the item." - Emilio V.


Fruit Dislodged in Life Save #339

"Your product saved my daughter’s life today. She’s 20-months-old and was choking on some fruit. We couldn’t dislodge it with back thrusts. She turned blue. I used the Dechoker and had the obstruction out in seconds. I cannot imagine what would have happened if I didn’t have this. Thank you for creating this product. I have already ordered 4 more and recommended it to everyone I know personally and on social media forums. Thank you thank you thank you." - Damaris D.

Life Save #338

"This saved my child's life!!! I'd love to share our story. And help save others!! Without this device she would not he here with us !!! I'm a health professional and everything else wasn't working. I'm so grateful for this and that God provided us to have one ready." - Amber W.

Mom Chokes on Liquid Gel Tab

"Hi, thank you again so very much for such a life saving product. Tonight not more then half and hour ago I had to use the adult version on my mom. She choked on a liquid gel tab. 😱😭😱😭😱<-- me literally, especially when I couldn't find where someone had moved it from, I was frantic thinking I've just killed my mom by giving her a flu and cold liquid gel cap that got stuck in her throat. THANKING YOU OH SO VERY VERY MUCH, your products have saved both my sister and my mom, this makes what your offer us as your customers, one priceless lifesaving piece equipment. Eugenia and Jacqueline say thanks, but I say it strongly for us all. 😁❤👍🏽"

Save 336: "My mom is alive today because of this."

"I had everyone in my family and a group of friends buy a Dechoker. My mom is alive today because of this! Thank you so much for your product!" - Laura C.

Thanksgiving Incident - Christian Chokes on Plastic Wipes

"THIS smile says it all. What a terrible way to start off break but thankful for life saving devices! Everyone go buy a Dechoker! Put one in your home and one in your car! Today Christian decided to chew on a bag of wipes. We were in the car waiting for Lyla to get done. He subsequently chewed off a piece of the wipes package and almost choked on it. I’m not entirely sure if this device extracted it or just helped move it up but we got it out and avoided a trip to the children’s hospital. Thanks to mom Cela for helping me get help! Thanks to the doctor in the crowd waiting for his kids helping with the dechoker, the school nurse and staff along with the fire fighters ensuring he was indeed clear! Happy Thanksgiving" - Jada L.

Another Quarter Dislodged in Life Save #334

"We purchased the Dechoker for peace of mind and hoped to never use it. Tonight my 23 month old choked on a quarter. I quickly grabbed the Dechoker from on top of the fridge after an unsuccessful sweep. My first pull was unsuccessful. I handed her over to my husband while I called 911. Luckily my husband was successful at removing the quarter on the next pull. I'll never forget the sound of the quarter hitting the floor. My daughter was shaken for a bit but recovered quickly. Thank you Dechoker! There is no question in our mind that Dechoker saved her life." - Missy B.


Life Save #333: Dechoker undoubtedly saves life

"I saved my friend's life with this device! She aspirated a cracker that quickly swelled and completely blocked her airway. The Heimlich was attempted twice with no relief. No question the Dechoker is what saved her." - Stephanie S.

Life Save #332: Kaidyn Chokes On Candy

3-year-old Kaidyn eating some candy when he began to choke. His mom attempted CPR, Back Blows, and Chest Compressions/Thrusts but nothing was working. In a panic, his mom grabbed the Dechoker. In 15-30 seconds, the candy was dislodged from Kaidyn's throat.
Kaidyn was taken to the emergency room and was evaluated and discharged. There were no complications with the Dechoker. We are so thankful that Dechoker was able to help in this life saving emergency.


Strawberry Choking Incident

"Hello Dechoker team, I was told to send you an email about my daughter's incident. My daughter a toddler 2-years-old in Feb was eating a strawberry which she started to choke on, she had eaten strawberries with no issue but on that day she choked on it. I ran to the drawer where I kept my Dechoker and used it on her and got the small piece of strawberry out of her throat. We were shaken off but happy she was better after I used the Dechoker. I am grateful for products like these. Thank you for saving my daughter's life." - Mairad C.


Baby Chokes on Chip in Save #330

"We had to use it on our 14-month-old son due to choking on a chip he grabbed at dinner. We have recently taken a CPR class but still just felt freaked out so Thank God for the Dechoker. I’m so glad we had it in our diaper bag." - Kassidey M.


Father-In-Law with Parkinson's Disease Chokes

"I purchased your an adult Dechoker from your company via Amazon on April 23, 2022. My father-in-law was misdiagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease about 3-4 years ago…his symptoms never matched up entirely and we found out about a year ago that he has a disease i had never heard of before, but breaks you to watch someone you care about to go through…he was diagnosed with PSP (Progressive Supranuclear Palsy). Symptoms include loss of function to swallow/eat solid foods and eventually a feeding tube must be put in upon their wish. Recently he has been coughing a bit more and getting choked up while drinking fluids or eating, but tonight we thought we were losing him. My husband immediately began doing the Heimlich and screamed “BABE HE’S CHOKING”, I ran inside and grabbed the Dechoker from the kitchen counter and placed it over his face and your device one million percent SAVED HIS LIFE tonight. We will ALWAYS have one on hand in our household and ideally on our person for the rest of our lives, we are hoping to start a family soon and will most certainly be purchasing one for infants and children and more for adults, what you all have done is a blessing to so many, neither of us knew if we were doing the Heimlich correctly and his father is mostly unresponsive. After the incident had occurred I was going through the instruction sheet that came in the package and was trying to read about how to clean the device, it said if it were used in a life-saving incident to contact you all to have another one sent to us. From the bottom of our hearts, we cannot thank you enough and will be gifting/telling EVERY Family member/friend about it and even our friends at our local police and fire stations, this is a must have device. You all are incredible. Thank you" - Brooklyn R.

Another Quarter Incident in Save #328!

"Hello, I purchased the DeChoker back in July of this year and unfortunately had to use it today on my 15-month-old. Unbeknownst to me, he found a quarter and began choking. We utilized the dechoker which helped dislodge the quarter and helped us with helping him quicker." - Cindy L.

Child Chokes on Halloween Candy

"Hi, my son's life was saved by the Dechoker last night. He choked on a piece of Halloween candy. Thank goodness we had this device. I was not able to leave a review on Facebook. I clicked review and posts but it didn't give me an option to type anything! Please advise on how to do that. And thank you so much for making this product and sending replacements. Thank you!" - Bree N.

Jelly Bean Sucked Out

"My son choked on a Jelly bean and we used ours and it worked!!!" - Cherina B.

#324 Meat Dislodged From Child's Throat

"Because of a prior choking incident myself, I have every size in order to be prepared for anyone of my children choking. My son choked on a piece of meat. My husband performed the Heimlich while I grabbed the Dechoker. The Dechoker dislodged the piece of meat with one pull, saving my son’s life. As a nurse, I have no idea why these are not on crash carts. I want one in my purse with me." - Cassie J.

Uncle Saved in Life Save #323

"I sent my uncle this device after he began having difficulty swallowing due to his neurological disorder. Thankfully my cousin was there with his father when he began choking and was able to use the Dechoker to dislodge the food and save his life! I would like to send him a replacement device ASAP in case this were to happen again. Thank you so much for creating this device!" - Darla E.

Law Enforcement Officer Saves Son with Dechoker 

"Hello my name is Sam, Yesterday your product saved my 3-year-old sons life. Back a year or so ago I saw ads begin to show up for the product and thought to myself, hey maybe that's a good idea to have around the house. Working in law enforcement always has me wanting to make sure I have the proper tools around for safety so we bought one just in case and kept them on the wall in the dining room. For the longest time, it would sit there gathering dust until yesterday. My son has a habit of choking on food when he gets excited and normally we are able to dislodge items by pating him on the back. Yesterday that didn't work. During a family baking event my son choked on a cookie and we were unable to get it to come up. Instantly I looked up and grabbed your product and after two tries I managed to dislodge the object and save his life. I've never been so scared in my life but because of your product my son gets to tell everybody he choked on a cookie and daddy saved him." - Sam S.

"As a nurse you never plan to perform CPR on your own child"

"My 20-month-old son was found in the pool unresponsive. I started CPR and used the Dechoker to pull excess vomit and water out. My son is alive and we were discharged from the hospital a couple of hours ago after being monitored overnight. I am so thankful we had the Dechoker to assist in this traumatic event. As a nurse you never plan to perform CPR on your own child, I’m so thankful that I had this to help save my baby’s life." - Hollie M.

14-Month-Old Son Saved in Life Save #320

"Thank you for creating such a phenomenal device! We have had to use this on our 14-month-old son due to a swallowing issue caused by tongue muscle problems. We now bring it everywhere and I cannot imagine what would have happened if we hadn't had it." - Catie


Every Second Counts, Life Save #319

"I have a Dechoker device that was used in a lifesaving event." - Rachel N.


Life Save #318: "She didn't even cry."

"I purchased your device on Amazon and used it tonight when my one-year-old daughter was choking at dinner. It worked immediately and she didn't even cry. Amazing product!" - Tiffany C.


More Life Saves From Spain #315-317

"During dinner, the resident presented signs of choking and difficulty breathing. A staff member performed the Heimlich maneuver. Unfortunately, it was not effective. The Dechoker device was used (3 times) to extract foam from the resident. He recovered and maintains a stable condition."


"At lunch, the nursing assistant was cutting the meat into small pieces. Due to his dementia, the resident took several pieces into his mouth and swallowed them all at once. The nursing supervisor, with the help of the assistant, used the Dechoker and saved the patient."


"A resident was eating and suddenly began to cough, presenting respiratory distress. A ball of food was observed in the throat, so the nursing staff used the Dechoker. On the third attempt, the piece of food came out. Afterwards, his throat was observed and there was no presence of anything. The resident began to breathe without complication."


Life Save #314: Dechoker Saves Cousin!

"Hi there! Your device helped save my cousin from choking, so grateful for it." - Nick C.


Life Save #313: Plastic on Baby Wipes Chokes Child

"My brother’s 11-month-old baby was choking on an unknown object he had swallowed in a brief moment when no one was looking. I am so thankful I got this as a gift for them. After trying to dislodge the object with manual techniques did not work. One pull of the Dechoker dislodged the item, and it was the plastic part that comes off of a new baby wipe package!! Without this device, our situation would not have ended the same way. Thank you so so so much!!!" - Kacey T.


Life Save #312: Gummies Sucked out of Toddler's Mouth

"The Dechoker saved my son's life today. His brother got out a bag of gummies and before I could catch him my little 20-month-old shoved a handful in his mouth. Within seconds he was choking. After a few back blows, we quickly grabbed our device that we keep on top of the fridge and it sucked most of the gummies out. It dislodged the others and they came out easily with more back blows. Thank you!!!" - Donna S

Life Save #311: Dechoker Saves 1-Year-Old from Hamburger

"Our 1-year-old ate a bite of hamburger meat and ran over to my wife while coughing and crying and then stopped making any sounds so she ran to grab the dechoker. We sat her up and plunged it out. It all came out immediately. See pics. It was worth every penny! Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Life Save #310: Husband saved with Dechoker

"This device has saved my husband’s life. He has Huntington’s disease and I had to perform the Heimlich on him six months ago. My friend told me about the Dechoker. I purchased one and kept it in the kitchen. The other day, my husband was eating a sandwich and started to choke. I tried to do the Heimlich and was unsuccessful. My son grabbed the Dechoker. It instantly and effectively cleared his airway. A piece of bread that was 3 inches long was cleared from his throat. Had it not been for your product, my husband would not be alive. I shared my story with the Huntington’s disease support group and on my Facebook page, encouraging others to purchase this product. I can’t thank you enough for this product. My school nurse heard my story and now several elementary schools are purchasing the product to have in their cafeterias." - Laura C.

Life Save #309: Heimlich Failed, Dechoker Saved!

"During dinner he presented signs of choking and difficulty breathing, a Heimlich maneuver was performed. It was not effective, Dechoker equipment was used (3 attempts) managing to extract a foreign body and the resident recovered respiratory mechanics and maintained stable constants."

Life Save #308: Chris saves himself with the Dechoker

"Three years ago I started the process of removing my bad teeth in order to get dentures but it came to an abrupt halt due to Covid after my dentist shut down leaving me with only 9 lower teeth. Since then I had to close two businesses due to Covid and my disability. I have yet to finish getting my teeth removed due to no insurance and the money to do so. I purchased the Dechoker over a year ago and I just used it for the fourth time. I normally cut up my food very small but I was given a steak to grill and failed to cut it small enough and got a piece of steak lodged in my throat. I tried coughing it up but immediately grabbed my Dechoker. I used it three times until it dislodged the steak allowing me to swallow it easily. I’ve reported this twice before but it happened again four months ago due to a piece of hard candy. I believe everyone should have a Dechoker in their home." - Chris McLean

Life Save #307: Dechoker Saves Man from Chicken!

"My 66-year-old father was choking on chicken. Heimlich didn’t work. The Dechoker did." - Corey D.


Life Save #306: Son chokes on goldfish crackers unexpectedly! 

"My son was eating his goldfish snacks and cereal snacks and just started choking. My husband started to hold him upside down and Pat has back but nothing was coming out. We started to panic and ran to his baby bag and grabbed out the Dechoker and as soon as we put it in his mouth it sucked it right out." - Jessie B.

Life Save #305: Child shoves banana in his mouth before mother could stop him

"On the morning of 8/14/22 I cut up a banana into small pieces for my 1 year old for breakfast. He was eating them while I cut up potatoes right next to him. He grabbed a handful of banana and shoved it in his mouth before I could stop him. He started to choke and tried to drink some milk. When he couldn't, he started to panic. I was taking him out of the high chair when he inhaled hard and the banana got stuck worse. I laid him on the floor and use the dechoker to clear his airway. He was terrified but it saved his life!" - Samantha S.

Life Save #304: Father saves 2 year old just in time!

"I just want to say thank you for the product that you make. I purchased a set about a year and a half ago, thinking “just in case”. I hoped that I would never need to use it, but two days ago while eating dinner my 2 year old began choking on a piece of hotdog that he did not chew up. My wife tried patting his back to dislodge it but that didn’t work. I picked him up and turned him face down and slapped his back a couple times, which also didn’t work. While I did that my wife ran to grab the Dechoker, she returned and tried once, without success because she didn’t have a seal around his nose and mouth. I laid my son on the floor and took the Dechoker from my wife and stuck the tube into his mouth, made sure I had a seal around his mouth and nose and pulled the handle. He instantly took a deep breath and I knew the food was cleared from his throat. So thank you, because if we didn’t have this, I really don’t know if he’d be here today. Also, in my wife’s panic she grabbed the adult device, and it worked perfectly for us even on a 2 year old." -Tim M.

Life Save #303: Daughter saved from choking on a tortilla chip

"My 6 year old choked on a tortilla chip and we used the dechoker to dislodge it." - Kristy K.

Life Save #302: Father saves daughter from choking on pork

"So today I was feeding my daughter Eliza pork, noodles, apple sauce, and pudding. In a 10 second period of my throwing away the apple sauce container. Miss Eliza Bean had dipped pork and noodles into pudding. She began to choke. Tapping her back did not dislodge the food. Thankfully I had the dechoker! It worked perfectly and I am so thankful for it!" - Zachary G.


Life Save #301: Back pats don't work on 4-year-old!

"My 4 year old was choking on a chicken nugget and I tried to take it out of his mouth but was unable too, tried patting his back and nothing came out. I ran to my car where I keep the dechoker and used it on him. I’m so lucky and grateful for this device!!! Literally a life saver! Thank you!!! The only thing I wish is that it was reusable" - Corina S.


Life Save #300: Brother-in-law turns purple while choking on meat!

"Thank you so much for creating this! It saved my son's life on Saturday. He was choking on his vomit and the suction helped to clear his airway! Thank you!" - Karen C.


Life Save #299: Spain Resident can breathe while choking on an orange

That on 16/06/2022, a resident was having breakfast in the central dining room eating an orange and jelly when she began to get cyanotic without loss of consciousness and without being able to breathe. The staff has begun to perform the Heimlich maneuver but due to the obesity of the patient it has not been effective. When using the Dechoker, fragments of orange came out and the resident began to breathe


Life Save #298: Parents save child in car seat from foamy mucus seizure!

"14 days ago I made an impulse purchase against the wishes of my wife, who thought this product was a waste because we’re both trained on infant CPR and first aid. Today, June 18, 2022, my wife and 19 month old daughter were driving when my wife noticed my daughter was making odd noises. She immediately pulled over and saw that my daughter was limp and foaming at her mouth. She was suffering from a febrile seizure due to a fever spike and a cold. My daughter was limp, not responsive and was on the brink of death due to aspirating the foamy mucus. My wife then used our Dechoker to remove the mucus from my daughters airways and saved my daughters life. Had she attempted to wait on EMS to arrive to take action this message would be a lot different. Thank you so much for this product and I sincerely hope this message inspires other to make a simple purchase that can and will save a life." - Ryan C


Life Save #297: Mother saves child from choking on an avocado

"It was a normal lunch time. My parents came to visit their grandson. He was eating avocado, what I thought was just a mushy safe food, when I noticed that the expression on hah face changed. He was having trouble swallowing and breathing.

I immediately knew he was choking and lifted him out of his seat, to hit has back to try to dislodge the avocado. It wasn’t working and his skin started to change color. I remembered that we bought a dechoker before bringing him home from the hospital, since choking is my husbands biggest fear. I ran to the cabinet, grabbed the dechoker, put it into my sons mouth and popped out the avocado. He gasped and started breathing, we all did. Then we all cried being so grateful that we had it on hand." - Caroline C.

Life Save #296: Friend saves child from choking on hotdog

"We were given the Dechoker when we had our baby. It sat in our kitchen cabinet for a few months untouched until we had friends over and her kid started turning red from a hotdog. While her mom tried back blows I ran to get the Dechoker and we were able to get the hotdog out in one try just in time because she was unable to talk and we were in such a rush we hadn't even thought to call 911 until after it all happened. Thank God!" - Marissa C. 


Life Save #295: French fry lodged in 1 year-olds throat, back blows don't work

"Pretty much the scariest moment of my life but just had to use this on Maisie, she choked on a french fry and giving her blows to the back wasn't working. All of this just a few minutes after getting her 12 month vaccinations. Poor baby has had a bad day" - Renee K.


Life Save #294: 1 year old chokes on hot dog!

"Dechoker saved my 1 year old. He was choking on a hot dog and I grabbed it and used it on him. Pulled it right out!" - Caitlynn S.

Life Save #293: Son's life is saved from choking on own vomit

"Thank you so much for creating this! It saved my son's life on Saturday. He was choking on his vomit and the suction helped to clear his airway! Thank you!" - Karen C.

Life Save #292: Car ride gone wrong! 16 month-old chokes on cookie in car seat

"Was driving down the interstate today, and my 16 month old son was eating a piece of a cookie. I heard a noise and looked in the car seat mirror attached to the back headrest and saw that he was in obvious discomfort and turning red. I slammed on the brakes and pulled off the side of the road. I jumped out, grabbed his diaper bag, pulled out the dechoker and went to work. He threw up with the first go and the second go got the cookie. In that position I don’t know how I would have saved him without this device. Ordering more of them immediately" - Joshua S.

Life Save 291: 10 year old saved by Dechoker from aspirating on vomit

"My daughter is 10 and was choking on vomit. She had been drinking bedtime tea with her siblings, the tea originally caused her to cough hard, inducing a vomit response. She tried to take a breath causing the vomit to become lodged in her throat. I was in the other room and came running to panicked screams from her siblings. In under a minute I was able to grab the Dechoker and clear her airway first attempt. It EASILY and QUICKLY pulled the vomit from her airway. It's never a situation you want to experience, but being prepared for it saved her life. Thank you for this product." - Gabrielle B.

Life Save 290: Dechoker saves1 year old 

"My 1 year old niece almost died. This device saved her life." -Paula M.

Life Save 289: 10 month old saved from choking on cracker 

"Our 10-month-old choked on a cracker and back blows weren’t working. We were able to dislodge it with the Dechoker device. Thank you!!!" - Kendra P.

Life Save #288: Daycare Provider Saves 7 Month Old from Choking on Plastic Wrapper

 "I just have to say how thankful I am for your product. I am a home daycare provider and purchased your product to have in the event of an emergency. My very own 7-month old was choking on an unknown object, I thought it was milk to begin with. Until she stopped responding to me & stopped coughing. I immediately grabbed the Dechoker, laid her on the changing table, and with two pumps the item was dislodged and inside the dechoker. It was a plastic wrapper that I had no clue was even around for her to get. So while I know it’s not recommended on anyone younger than 12 mo, it was sure a life saver anyways!!" - Megan S.

Life Save #287:  22 Month Old Son Chokes on a Piece Meat

"My wife 22 month old son and I were eating dinner and my son started to choke on a piece of meat. Pats on the back were not working and we were all really scared. He had never choked like this before! My wife got the Dechoker from on top of the fridge and gave it to me to use. It took 3 pulls because he was fighting me and was scared but on the third pull the chunk of meat came up. He still had some phlegm that would make him cough but he was alive! Cannot tell you how thankful we are! We will NEVER be without a Dechoker! Thank you!" - Caleb C.

Life Save #286: Son Saves Father from Choking

A son taking care of his 92 year old father caught him choking during lunch time. The Heimlich maneuver was started without being effective. The Dechoker was then used to dislodge the food.  

Life Save #285: Child Chokes on Mandarine Orange

"Man, oh man, talk about a fortuitous purchase and guardian angels! Catherine gave us quite the scare this afternoon, choking on a slice of mandarin orange. I typically slice them into small pieces but had a lapse in judgment, giving her a couple directly from her brother’s plate. In what seemed like a millisecond, she’d inhaled a piece and lodged it in her airway. Luckily, we had the Dechoker on hand and resolved the problem just as fast as it arose. Both breathing a huge sigh of relief. While I am confident that I could have gotten the food dislodged myself, I am so, so glad that I didn't have to find out. This device took 2 seconds tops whereas I would have been a panicked mess. YA’LL when I say “straight out the box” I am not exaggerating. We had the Dechoker in our house less than 24 hours before it had to be used! Seriously… Catherine's brother was still using the shipping box as a robot arm mere minutes before the incident. Typically, I try to avoid topics like this. I think Momming is challenging enough without going down the rabbit hole of “what if’s” and “worst-case scenarios”. While I do not like to live in the hypothetical, I also think it is important not to be naïve. And admittedly in this regard, I was. Sure, I knew that choking hazards are commonplace with younger children, but I thought that tried-and-true Heimlich Maneuver and back pats did the trick in most every case. After our scare this afternoon, I went and looked up statistics and was alarmed and taken aback by the number of choking fatalities that occur each year. Thank you for creating such a wonderful product. Forever grateful and life-long customer."
—Alex L.

Life Save #284: Back-pats Failed

"Your device just saved my one and half year old son when back pats failed It's literally one of my worst fears is my son choking I can't explain how thankful I am that your product exists. My son is alive because of your company." - Johnny G.

Baby Chokes on Phlegm in Save #283

"My 7-month-old was choking and gagging on phlegm from a cold he's had for the last few days and had started passing out when the Dechoker cleared his airways. EMS didn't arrive for another 5 minutes. I can't thank you enough for saving my baby's life. I'm begging every parent I know to buy this product." - Megan B. 

Life Save #282: Licorice Choking Incident

"I used mine when my year-old grandson choked on licorice!!!! Worked amazing and he is alive to talk about it!!!" - Sue S.


Little Girl Chokes on Cake Pop in Save #281

My daughter was eating a cake pop and the fudge coating glubbed up and got caught in her throat. I tried scooping it out and giving back blows like I was trained but nothing worked and that's when I used Dechoker. She immediately coughed and actually kinda threw up which everything came out. She's been perfect since. - Ciara M.


Life Save #280

"I have a problem with my food sometimes not going / staying down after an hour or so. I will start coughing and phlegm will get stuck and I can not get any air! This happen today and I started banging on the wall (10 min) for my husband to grab the DECHOKER we had just got in last week. BOY, DID IT WORK. I am so glad we had it. I am now going to order more for each car we have. THANKS" - Cathy H.


Not-So-Nice Dice Dislodged from Daughter's Mouth in Save #279

"My daughter was choking on a dice a few nights ago. I had just got one of these 2 weeks ago. Came in handy!" - Keith A.

Save #278: Chip Sucked Out of Woman's Throat

"Just used this on my daughter. She was choking on a piece of chip. She's still coughing quite a bit, but her throat is clear. Great product." - Shawna H.

Dechoker Saves Another Child in Life Save #277

"Hi! I bought my Dechoker hoping I would never have to use it, and then yesterday happened. I just want to reach out and say thank you so much for making this amazing product. It definitely saved my baby. ❤️" - Kendra S.

Cheerios Dislodged From Choking Daughter

"This device saved the little love of my life. I’m a naturally paranoid person and a new mom so I’m still feeding my daughter individual cheerios. Well, wouldn’t you know it she snuck one in her cheek or something then after chewing the next one, tried to swallow it all at once and started choking. I freaked out. Her little life flashed before my eyes. I didn’t have the wherewithal in the panic to attempt the Heimlich. Even if I did, it’s terrifying the thought of her little ribs breaking in my hands. Anyways, I took the device out of my baby bag, threw her on the table, and used it. It was fast and easy. I started crying.

The peace of mind that comes with this product is insane. I’m a single mom and we’re always alone. No one can put a price on their child’s safety, and this is somewhat of a pricey object for a person like me. but the company is such a stand up group of people that if , god forbid you have to use this, they will replace it. My only wish is that I had this when my dad was still alive. When he got old, he was always choking.

I think everyone should have a Dechoker." - Athena W.

Dechoker Saves Daughter's Life Before Firefighters Can Arrive

"If you know my husband, you likely know safety is his middle name. When he told me he bought Dechoker for our family I thought nothing of it. Our kids, 3 & 1, have never struggled with eating. We have never come close to a real scare with choking.

Today while eating a quesadilla, that changed. A piece of quesadilla got lodged in Ava’s throat. We tried the finger hook & Heimlich. Nothing. After the longest (maybe) 30 seconds of my life, we called 911 and pulled out the Dechoker.

15 seconds after pulling out the Dechoker it was out.

Minutes later the firefighters arrived, who all were Dad’s, and they were so grateful to see a baby girl already asking for more food.

I can honestly say today would have looked very different if it wasn’t for the Dechoker. Please please please- share this with family & friends. I used to think it was silly we had one. Now I will never leave home without it.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to the creators of Dechoker. ♥️" - Kori M.

Child Saved From Gummy Bear

"My son was choking on a gummy vitamin. It was lodged in his throat and wouldn't dislodge (I did the Heimlich so hard I thought I was going to crack a rib). That's when I remembered the Dechoker."


"Here's a video from the man himself..." - Kasim A.

Resident Saved From Doughnut

"I work at a long term care facility and a resident was choking on a doughnut, it was too far down to sweep out and the Heimlich maneuver was not working. I had recently bought a Dechoker and had brought it to show the administrator hoping to get it approved for our crash carts and still had it at the facility. I retrieved the Dechoker and used it on the man, it instantly pulled up a large piece of food into the device and pulled the remainder of the obstruction high enough that it could be swept out with a finger. He began breathing again and his O2 saturation started to rise along with his pulse. I thoroughly believe had I not had this with me that day, the man would have likely died. I am definitely a believer and will promote this product everywhere I can. Thank you." - Michael K.


Life Save #272: Daughter Saved with Dechoker

"I bought one few months ago saved my disabled daughters life." - Taylor B.


Neighbor's 6-Year-Old Saved

"Our neighbor's son was choking and they carried him to our house at 12am, banged on our door. My wife is a nurse and her quick response was to grab our Dechoker that we purchased in 2020. She used it successfully to unclog a big pice of chicken out of the throat of their 6-year-old. Life saving event we just went through. Wow." - Jimmy K.

"Hello! Thank you for inventing such a great lifesaver device. It saved my son’s life over the weekend. We didn’t know about this device until my neighbor brought it out and used it on him. Within minute he was able to spit out a piece of chicken that was stuck in his throat. We are firm believer of this miracle device and has been spreading it to our friends/families. If you have seen an increase of buyers, we have been talking about your device! We bought a few too, in case of future emergency. We couldn’t thank you enough!!!🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼" - Van S.

Son Saves Mom with Dechoker

"I almost lost my mom today. I saw your device on Facebook and it's just been bugging me to get one. Your device arrived last week and it saved my mom this morning. She was eating cereal and is in hospice under my care. I had to pump a few times until she said she was okay. The device worked as it should, it was the cereal that she was eating...very mushy. When someone is choking the tongue gets in the way, no way you can get it all in one pump. I highly recommend having one in the kitchen area...I could never thank you enough" - Jay B.


82-Year-Old Saved from Ball of Chicken

A nursing home in Spain reported our 269th life save. Jose, 82-years-old was enjoying his chicken when suddenly he began choking."He tried to cough and could not breathe. The Heimlich maneuver was started without being effective. The Dechoker was used and on the 2nd attempt a ball of food came out, and the resident began to breathe correctly and without difficulty."


Valentine's Day Life Save

"My 5-year-old son was enjoying his Valentine's Day candy when all of a sudden he jumps up whaling his arms with his mouth open candy pieces falling everywhere while trying to gasp for air. I ran to him and gave him 4 firm pats on the back. Nothing! Now I'm getting a lil scared. I then remembered I had bought the Dechoker which was in my bedroom. I picked my son up and ran him to my bed and laid him down where he's still NOT breathing. I reached over to my nightstand and pulled out this device and without reading the directions I put the tube in my son's mouth applied slight pressure and pulled the plunger and out popped a jolly rancher. I rolled my son over while he started coughing and breathing again. I'm soo THANKFUL I had this device." - Qawaun W.


77 Year Old Saved with Dechoker

For our 267th life save we received a report from a care facility in Spain: "A 77-year-old woman started choking on her lunch at our facility. We were not able to dislodge the object with a finger sweep so we quickly grabbed the Dechoker. We were able to remove the food successfully."

Spanish Care Facility Saves Elderly Woman

During lunch, a 72-year-old woman suffered a choking attack. A nurse took a look at her airway and found there was something blocking it, but it was too far down to do a finger sweep. We were able to remove the object with the Dechoker.

3-Year-Old Chokes on Fries

"Thank you so much for creating this product. It helped us today with our 3-year-old who choked on French Fries. The paramedics and firefighters said that now they will also purchase this for their homes as well." - Kristen C.

3-Year-Old Twin Saved from Skittle

This New Years our best friends came over. They have 3-year-old twins. The little girl started choking on a skittle and stopped breathing. Her dad was hitting her on the back. Nothing was happening. I then grabbed her and started the heimlich. After 3 thrusts my husband showed up with our Dechoker. We put it on her mouth and pulled. At that moment she started breathing and crying. We canceled our 911 call and she was a happy 3-year-old playing and running within 10 minutes!

"Better to Have it and Not Need it" - But I Did Need it

"I purchased two Dechokers back in September of 2021 and was so ecstatic that I didn't have any use for it until today! This morning I was awakened with the most terrifying sound. My husband let me sleep in today as I wasn't feeling well and prepared breakfast for our 4 and 2-year-old. As my 4-year-old son was enjoying his breakfast he apparently began to choke. As tears streamed down his face his father panicked and rushed him up to my bedroom so I could work on him while he ran to get our Dechoker device. I write this with tears in my eyes as today could have ended so horribly for my family; but because of a purchase I made with the mindset of, "better to have it and not need it" we were able to get the food out of my son's throat allowing him to breathe again. He was back to his silly and playful self shortly after. I wholeheartedly recommend this device be in every home. Thank you for creating a device that has undoubtedly made it possible to celebrate my son's 5th birthday in 2 months. You are much appreciated!"
- Sefa J.


Candy Flies out of Child's Mouth

"My daughter choked on a piece of candy and we broke ours out. This thing is amazing, it wasn't lodged very deep but it got it right out so fast it flew in to the chamber." - Johnny G.


261st Life Save - 18-Month-Old Choked on Pizza Crust

"My 18-month-old son got a hold of a pizza crust during the gender reveal for my new son. Notice him turning pale then blue and I have the Dechocker hanging in my kitchen. My wife and family started to freak out and tried the Heimlich Maneuver but I ran, grabbed the decoder, threw him on his side put it on him, and with one pull my son's color started to return. Followed by a lot of throw-up and tears, but the sound of his tears was the sounds of joy, knowing he was alive. God bless the Dechoker. Would have been a lot different outcome if not for this simple tool. Just knowing I have it gives us hope in a second of fear." - Michael F.


Child Chokes in Root Beer Barrel Candy in Life Save 260

"We were gifted one as a baby-warming gift. I can't remember who gifted it to us. We used it a week ago as we had our siblings over with their children and one was choking on a root beer barrel candy. [The Dechoker] pulled it right out and poor child was soo scared...thank you!!" - Thomas W.

Life #259 Saved After Hard Candy Was Dislodged 

"I had to use it [the Dechoker] on Sunday when my daughter got a hard candy stuck in her throat. She was still breathing but it was lodged where she couldn't swallow it." - Siobhan M.


2-Year-Old Saved By Dechoker in #258

"My 2 year old started to choke on a piece of meat and I couldn’t get it unlodged with my finger or hitting her back upside down (I am infant/toddler CPR certified). I hate to think of what would’ve happened if I didn’t have the Dechoker. After getting it opened and laying her down I got it out in one pull. So very very thankful for this device and will 10000% be buying another." - Hope L.


Toddler in High Chair is 257th Life Save

"We just used the Dechoker device successfully on our 13-month old son approximately 30 minutes ago. My wife, son, and I were finishing up dinner in the kitchen, when my son started choking. We immediately started pulling him out of his high chair, and I began back slaps on him, holding him in a downward angle. After approximately 10-15 seconds of that, he started turning blue, and I put him on the ground to assess him. Our Dechoker device was in a drawer, 5-feet away. I grabbed it, put it over his face, and pulled. He immediately started making a few more noises than before, and some color returned. After a while clearing out his throat himself, he seemed all better. An ambulance (which was on the way the whole time), checked him out and he was all clear. Thank you so much for this Dechoker device. We’re not sure what would have happened without it." - Eric A.


Save #256: Bystander Saves 2-Year-Old with Dechoker at Dinner

"Was at dinner tonight saw a 2-year-old choking at the table next to us. I ran over started CPR, and a patron had a Dechoker. They handed it to me, (which I had seen these on Facebook so instantly knew what it was) and used it and it dislodged what was clogged in her throat." - Holly T.


Parent Saves Daughter Choking on a Berry in Life Save #255

"Highly recommend this product! Every parent should have one, or saved my daughter while choking on a berry, and the Dechoker dislodged it with ease, thank you Dechoker!" - Jesse A.


Save #254: Husband Saves Wife with Parkinson’s Disease

"I purchased the Dechoker awhile back for my wife with Parkinson's disease. It saved her life today. This is the message I sent to our family and friends: We had quite a scare today before the hospice lady got here. Lori was eating soup sitting up in bed when she had to lie down for to the hallucinating. We thought she had swallowed everything but all the sudden she looked panicked, so I set her back up with the adjustable bed. She couldn't get any air in and I couldn't slap her back or get her up for the Heimlich. Thank God we had the Dechoker, I ran and got it and it sucked a chunk of chicken out her throat." - Steve J.


Mom Saved in Life Save #253

"First want to say thank you for a wonderful lifesaving device. Was hopeful to have never had to use it period, but...always thought if anybody we'd have to use it on GOD forbid, would have been my disabled sister who often chokes easily. I bought two one child one adult, for that just in case kind of feeling, if a choking could happen, we'd be ready, well that day happened with my mom last night. I heard her coughing but then she was at my bedroom door hitting the door, pointing at her back. Well the back slapping barely touched it, I told her I'm getting that thing I bought and she didn't fight me over it. Had to do two good pulls with it, but boy the relief on her face, when you can hear that audible pull of fresh air she desperately needed. She had been eating dinner and having a soda when this happened. Caught us all off guard. Scary seeing that kind of fear in my moms face. Your Dechoker is worth it's weight in gold to us. Thank you for a fine product, that I will be getting more of, I see they need to be in our cars as well, because choking doesn't just happen at home. My mom says thank you too. Very best money EVER spent on anything period. Thank you again Dechoker. You and your product are much appreciated." - Pearl P.


"3 Pulls and the Coin Came Out"

"Bought a Dechoker a few years ago. Today my four-year-old daughter got a coin lodged in her throat and couldn’t breathe. I patted her back, performed the Heimlich… to no avail. Called 911 and got my Dechoker out. 3 pulls and the coin came out. Paramedics told me I saved her life most likely.They wish they had the Dechoker as part of their standard equipment. One said they are now gonna buy one. I don’t know what I would have done without having the Dechoker to go to. Thank you so much." - Derek F.


Dechoker Saves Child from Uncrispy Bacon

"Saved our 9-year-old. Three months ago he was eating some uncrispy bacon, it got stuck in his throat. He couldn't breathe whatsoever. We panicked a little, but my wife quickly opened the Dechoker, and within seconds the food came out. Literally saved his life." - Steve S.


Apple Sucked From Toddler's Airway with Dechoker

"My two year old son was choking on an apple piece pretty violently and I grabbed the Dechoker and was able to get the apple sucked out and he was okay afterward." - Jennifer H.


Baby Chokes on Penny, Saved by Dechoker

Dechoker is proud to report life save #249. David shared the story below:
"This morning, my 8-month-old son had a penny stuck in his throat. After several attempts to clear the penny herself, my wife grabbed the toddler-size Dechoker and was immediately able to save baby Henry’s life. We are forever grateful to have had this lifesaver on hand." - David S.

Man in Wheelchair Saved with Dechoker

"The Dechoker works very well if you have a person in a wheelchair and they cannot bear weight to do the Heimlich maneuver. My disabled adult son was choking on a small bite of food and it saved his life. I am so thankful that I purchased one for him." - Marlene K.

Heart Attack Choking Incident

We recently received a report from a care facility in Spain. The story is as follows: "At lunchtime, the nursing assistants detected [a choking incident] while the resident was eating. He became pale and did not respond to physical or verbal stimuli. The Heimlich maneuver was performed without being effective. The Dechoker was used between 2-4 occasions. After administering oxygen therapy and performing maneuvers, the resident vomited with partial recovery of consciousness. After receiving external health care from the center, he reported that he had suffered an AMI (Acute Myocardial Infarction) [also known as a heart attack]."


Daughter Chokes on Coin

Amongst young children, coins have been reported as one of the top causes of choking.  Fortunately, the Dechoker was there to help save Megan's daughter:

"My daughter was choking on a coin this morning and the Dechoker saved her when it got lodged too deep to reach. Forever grateful for this device."


Ice Cube Cleared From Airway

Dechoker saves another life. This story came from Anthony R:

"I was working in my office when my 2-year-old daughter came to me in distress. Her face had the help me dad!! But she couldn’t talk and was holding her throat. I used the Dechoker on her and it cleared it. Was a big ice cube she took out of an empty drink. Probably would have cleared and melted, but it ended her distress and made both my wife and I feel better for having them around."


Daughter Saved From Choking on Steak

Thankfully the Dechoker was nearby to save another life. Ashley F. shared her story below:

"My family went thru a scary time Saturday night with my daughter choking on steak. I'm thankful my husband saw this device online and ordered it cause it really saved us. Never thought it would happen to us but I'm happy to spread the word and raise awareness that it really can happen that fast and we could possibly be sitting here without our daughter right now. We'd like to get one for our diaper bag eventually once our baby comes in January and one for each grandparents house. I can't rave enough about this product."


Toddler Saved with Dechoker® when she Choked on a Grape

Life Save #243 was reported recently by a mother who had to quickly open her Dechoker device to save her toddler who was choking on a grape. 


Dechoker® Saves Seven-Year-Old Girl from Choking on French Fries

We are happy to report that this 7-year-old little girl was saved from choking on French Fries with the Dechoker. Her father, Mark, told us:
"So about a week ago my daughter was eating French fries and ran into her room. My wife and I thought she was playing or going into her room to play. About a minutes later she came out crying. We asked why was she crying. We asked if she was hurt. She shook no. We asked if she was sad. She shook again no. Luckily we asked if she was choking she nodded yes. My wife picked her up and I jumped up to grab the Dechoker. I keep it on the kitchen counter in the bag but always kept the bag open for quick use. I told my wife to put our daughter down to keep from hurting her ribs. I put the Dechoker on her and pulled. The balled-up French fries came right out. She was fine. I asked if it hurt her throat being pulled out. She said no. She smiled and said she was okay. I asked why did she run into her room and she said that when she started choking, she was scared that her mom may get mad at her so she went into her room to try to cough it up. When she couldn’t, she came out for help. Scared me so much that she did that. What if she would have passed out? We thought she was playing. We may not have gone in there for a while. Anyways, I bought this because she has choked before several times. I have shown her lots of times how to signal if you choke but I guess she was just really scared."
Mark E.


72 Year-Old Chokes on Meat, Saved with Dechoker® 

 The latest life saved is of a 72-year-old man from Spain. The supervising nurse from the care facility where he resides reported that: " He turned purple while eating beef, Heimlich maneuver + scapular compressions were started without being effective, he was laid on the floor and a digital scan was performed and it was not effective either. Dechoker began to be used and on the second attempt the piece of veal came out, after which the resident began to breathe without difficulty."


Toddler Chokes on Foil Confetti

"Bought this as a just in case and at my daughters first birthday her baby cousin ate some table foil confetti and started to choke! I calmly got it out of the bag and was able to suction out every piece!"

Taylor C

Dechoker® Saves Toddler who Overstuffs Mouth

It is extremely common for a toddler to overstuff their mouths while eating, no matter how supervised the meal may be.  The 239th Life Save reported to Dechoker was from a mother who described her daughter overstuffing her mouth with a hot dog. This parent was so grateful to have had the Dechoker within reach, and was able to dislodge the food from her daughter's airway.

"I was given a Dechoker as a gift. I appreciate this company and product!"

Amanda N.


Dechoker® Saves Toddler from Choking on Popcorn Before 911 Arrives

 " My 2 year old son Jameson is notorious for choking (come to find out he needs tonsils removed). One evening we were watching a movie and he was eating some popcorn, when all of a sudden he wasn't breathing. Immediately I called 911 and my husband grabbed our dechoker. It took multiple attempts but finally the popcorn came out and he was breathing again. It took 4 minutes for 911 to arrive. My son would not have survived if it was not for dechoker removing the popcorn before medical help was able to get there. I am forever grateful for this lifesaving device, and we will ALWAYS have one in our home!" - Cassie S.


Dechoker® Saves Grandmother in Multiple Choking Emergencies

Joshaua T. reported that he has had to use the Dechoker on his grandmother several times, and that it has worked in every one of those choking emergencies. His report marks Dechoker's 237th Life Save!


Dechoker® Saves 10 Month Old When 911 Connection Fails


"You can add another life saved to your list. My 10 month old choked on a fruit snack in the parking lot and stopped breathing. Luckily I was right next to him and when nothing else worked, I grabbed the Dechoker from the car. I bought extras just to make sure I always have one with me. It took a few tries but it came out and he's perfectly fine. My husband's phone wouldn't connect to call 911 so I don't know that paramedics would have been able to make it in time to help him. Thank you"

- Erika H.


3 Year Old Chokes on PB&J and Saved with Dechoker® 

"My 3 year old was choking (like could not breathe) on a pb&j. He had stuffed too much in his mouth (as usual, even though I warn him not to) and it got stuck in his throat. I heard the horrific sound of him struggling to breathe. I saw the look of sheer horror in his eyes. I knew this wasn’t a normal getting choked up on something. This was the big one that we are all terrified of. I ran and grabbed our dechoker from the diaper bag. (We keep it there so we always know where it is and it travels with us). I had him spit out what he could then put it up to his mouth and pulled back hard and quick. It sucked it right out in one try, and I immediately heard him gasp and take his first clear breath. We both started bawling. The dechoker saved my baby’s life today. It all happened so quick. I could’ve lost him just as quick. There’s no way I could’ve gotten that thick peanut butter sludge out of his throat. Thank you!!! Thank you to my husband for purchasing it “just in case”.

- LaBreeska B.


Toddler Saved from Choking on Watermelon 

"These Dechokers work, my 22 month old daughter was eating water melon when she began to choke. We used it and cleared the her airway. I recommended this to all my friends and family with kids. Its a life saver and worth every dollar. Its definitely pays itself off after one use. You just never know when it will happen."

- Jorge H.


 Dechoker® Saves Autistic 3 Year-Old 

 "Add one to your lives saved counter. My autistic 3-year-old has a tough time eating, and he started choking and turning blue last night. I tried turning him 45 degrees down and hitting his upper back to no avail. Grabbed the Dechoker and it got it out immediately. Thank you!!! It saved him."

- Matt W.


Man Uses Dechoker® to Save Himself from Choking

Chris contacted Dechoker to report that he used the Dechoker on himself. His story in his words is as follows:

"I bought this to have on hand for my elderly mom in case she ever chokes again so I don’t hurt her fragile body trying to give her the Heimlich Maneuver like I’ve done in the past. Tonight I was eating a salad when I began to choke on my dinner. I ran to the kitchen trying to make myself throw up and it wasn’t working so I turned and saw the Dechoker. First pump and the piece of lettuce was dislodged. I thought I was a goner... Thanks again for the Dechoker. The puppy in my arms is my new service dog Bailey."

- Chris M.


Life Save #231 - 3 Year Old Boy Chokes on a Corn Dog, Saved with Dechoker® 

"Jack is 3 and was choking on a corn dog. My husband tried to remove it without success. Luckily we have had the Dechoker in our house for a few years now but this was the first we have had to use it. It was able to remove bread and the hotdog the first attempt. The bread went into the Dechoker and the hot dog went into his mouth where we were able to remove it. We’re lucky we had the Dechoker and we have ordered more for his grandparents house. This device should be in everyone’s home!"

Kathy H. 


 Dechoker® Saves 65 Year Old Woman from Choking on Dinner

" 65 year old mother has a medical issue where she chokes on food a lot. My sister texted me that she choked really bad at dinner but was able to dislodge the food enough to breath but just barely, so they were on their way to the hospital. I said I had a Dechoker and they could give that a try if they could wait 10 minutes for me to get there. She was laying down when I got there, and it only took 2-3 pulls to get it free. She was so grateful."

- Brandon M.


Father Reports 229th Save by Dechoker® 


"This thing just possibly saved my 8 month old’s life. 

Parents...get one, or two. It’s worth it!  For months I kept seeing ads about your product. At first, I didn’t want to spend $50 on some thing I didn’t know if I would ever need. But after seeing the ad enough times I figured that it would be better to have one and not need it than need one not have it. So I purchased it about six months ago.

Fast forward to a few days ago and my three year old left out a bunch of paper/stickers on the floor. My 8 month old got ahold of one and began choking. She couldn’t breathe at all. We tried getting it out in every way we could, but it wouldn’t come out. We were freaking out until I remembered that in the pantry I had the Dechoker. I rushed in, grabbed it and unwrapped it from its package. At this time our daughter was turning purple. The device was really large on her because I had purchased the kids size, but I managed to get it in. Two applications later the sticker popped out. We’re so insanely grateful that this device may have just saved her life."  - Dylan D.


Dechoker® Saves One Year Old from Choking on a Potato Chip 

"This thing saved my 1 yr old's life. He choked on a potato chip and turned beet red. I was so scared but I laid him down and used the Dechoker. I've never been so scared in my life. Thank goodness for the Dechoker. We keep 3 of then in our house. A small one for the baby and a bigger sized one. You just never know when you need it."


Save #227 - 15 Month-Old Saved from Choking on Animal Cracker

"Saved my 15-month-old. I gave him an animal cracker, heard him swallow hard, and then he was trying to cough and cry and couldn’t. My husband grabbed him and tried slapping his back with him facing downward, didn’t work. I ran to the closet and grabbed the Dechoker.

We laid him on the bed and could see the animal cracker in the main back of his throat, one pull of the Dechoker and it came up so we could pull it out. He’s already back to playing!"

- Chante L.


 Dechoker® Saves 86 Year-Old Man in Nursing Home

An 86-year-old man in Valencia, Spain who had "Dysphagia" (the medical term for swallowing difficulties), breathed in food and choked.  The traditional methods were not working, and nurses and supervisors used the Dechoker to clear his airways.


Save #225 - Daughter Uses Dechoker® when Father Chokes on Piece of Meat


The daughter of an older man describes her father's terrifying choking incident:

"My mom was feeding my dad, she ran to the room yelling "Tu papa se esta ahogando" (Your dad is choking). I ran to the kitchen grab the dechoker which I had educated everyone in household, it would be on top of water dispenser. He was sitting up, with purple lips.. Placed the device on and on first suction, the piece of meat came out. He just gasped for air, his eyes were watery.  Very grateful for this tool."

- Brenda B.


Dechoker® Saves Baby Boy from Choking on Apple Slices 


 A mother reported Life Save #224 and posted the following on social media:

"Parents - PLEASE buy yourself a Dechoker to keep on hand.  It's something you hope you'll never need but will be glad you have when you do.  Jeremy bought me one last year when I moved into my place, and I had to use it on J tonight when he choked on apple slices.  Thank you to Joe for keeping me calm and helping me in the moment of fear.  Shout out to Olivia who is legit the best big sister and listened to everything I asked of her and remained calm until all was over.  That little girl never hugged her brother so hard as when it was all over with.  Final shout goes to J for scaring the living Jesus out of me , and asking for more apples after.

Go buy one now."

- Brittany 


Save #223 - Dechoker® Clears Wood From Toddler's Airway


I’ve been asked a few times what my absolute must is as a parent. I’ve told people it’s my Baby Brezza, my strap on carrier, or my diaper pail. Today I realized it’s none of those things. It’s my Dechoker

This morning, Decker was crawling back and forth from me to Matt, both of us keeping a good eye on him. Afterwards, I put him in the high chair so I could start making breakfast. We realized his eyes were watering and he seemed like he was struggling with something. After checking his mouth and seeing nothing was in there, but seeing he was still struggling, I grabbed the DeChoker.

After using it, I pulled chunks of WOOD out of my son’s mouth. WOOD!!!! Somehow crawling between us, Decker found wood and shoved it in his mouth.

We like to think that we’re all perfect parents and that nothing will ever happen to our children because we watch them closely. But y’all, children are CRAZY!! Stuff happens! I shudder to think what would have happened to Decker’s esophagus, intestines, or stomach had he gotten that wood down.

So my absolute must as a parent? DeChoker! You NEVER know when you’ll need it, and it’s better to have it laying around than to wish you had bought it if (god forbid) you ever need it!

 - Hayden Y.


Dechoker® Saves 63-Year-Old's Life

Phylis was having dinner with her husband and her 63-year-old daughter, when, while eating boneless spare ribs, her daughter got up from the table to get something from the kitchen.  All of a sudden she began to lose consciousness, and could only point to the cabinet where the Dechoker was kept.  Phylis and her husband used the Dechoker and the piece of meat was immediately dislodged. Phylis shared the following:

"If I did not have the DeChoker I would not have my daughter. It saved my daughter’s life when she was choking. I grabbed the Dechoker and inserted in her mouth and pulled out the plunger.

She immediately responded and wanted to vomit. She did and was fine. I have sent them to my entire family."

 - Phylis A.


Dechoker® Saves One Year Old from Choking on Quarter

This one-year-old boy's mother reported that her son was saved from choking on a quarter...
"My son started choking on something and I immediately started to try and fish whatever it was out with my finger but couldn't get it so I ran to the kitchen where I keep the Dechoker and yelled for my husband and he and I started to do back blows and started to use the Dechoker on him after if still out not dislodge. The Dechoker got the quarter out of his throat and saved his life, I can't imagine how things would have gone if I didn't have it. I just ordered another one to keep in the diaper bag Incase anything ever happens while we are not home . The one we used has some blood and mucus (the blood I'm guessing is from my fingernail while I was trying over and over to get it out. I tried washing it but it won't come out but it's ok I'm just so lucky to have has this product. Thank you guys so much for making these ... I'm telling everyone abo it what happened today and will be posting on my social media because I feel like every parent needs to have this!"
- Natalie M.


Toddler Boy Who is Prone to Choking Saved by Dechoker® 

A father reports life save 220 and adds:
"Do it. I eyeballed for months and then our toddler choked and we couldn't get it out for a minute - a long, terrifying minute during which I actually cursed myself for not having bought one. Bought one the next day. Three weeks later, another choke (he has Down syndrome and is more prone than average) and my wife used the Dechoker and it popped right out. She said he looked so terrified and she was so grateful. Don't be an idiot like me and watch your kid try to breathe while you regret not spending $50 and pound on his back."


Save #219 - Dechoker® Saves 1 Year Old Baby with Down Syndrome

A parent shared the following with us...
"This device saved my one-year-old Down Syndrome baby tonight! I just want to cry as I write this... I had just purchased this a few months ago because my cousin recommended it to me, as I was concerned that my little one may have a more narrow esophagus. I am so thankful to have had it handy. We tried everything we knew to do before using this, and it worked immediately, he took a deep gasp of air. I absolutely will be purchasing more! Thank you for this product!!"


 Dechoker® Dislodges Watermelon and Saves 218th Life


"We had to use it on my 11 month old when he got a piece of watermelon stuck in his throat. I'm not positive it wouldn't have gotten dislodged anyways but having a device designed to do so gave us the ability in a pure panic to get him out of the high chair and the melon removed before something awful happened. Couldn't recommend it more."


 Save #217 - Dechoker® Clears Cantaloupe from Airway of 11 Month Old Girl 

"Saved my 11 month old daughter.  We had dropped cantaloupe, and after picking it all up, she had got a hold of a piece we missed.  She had started to turn blue, and although the Dechoker did not get the piece out, it moved it and she was able to have a small airway.  Her color came back and she cleared her airway just before paramedics arrived.  I think the Dechoker truly saved her life.  Had we not had it, we wouldn't have been able to secure a small passage for air to flow and our story would have had a much different ending.  Thank you for this invention!"

Danielle R.


92-Year-Old Grandmother’s Life Saved From Osteo Bi-Flex Pill with Dechoker® 

Beau was visiting his grandmother who has some osteoarthritis pain. When she went to take her osteo bi-flex pill tragedy struck. 

"My 92 year old, confused grandmother was choking on her osteo bi-flex pill. I immediately ran to get what my wife called "the choker" at the time but I knew what she meant. It's hard to imagine if I had not heard your commercial I could be planning a funeral right now. Thank you."

ER doctor dislodged quarter with Dechoker® for life save #215

When Barbra's daughter choked on a quarter and was rushed to the ER, doctors used the Dechoker® device to pull it out.

Recorded save #214 family travels with the Dechoker®

“We have 2… one for home and one for travel. Thank goodness I had one when my Nephew choked… One quick pull and he was breathing again”


United Kingdom nursing home frequently deploys Dechoker®

A nursing home in the United Kingdom has recognized 28 additional life saves using the Dechoker® device. This puts documented saves at 211 people that survived a choking incident because of the Dechoker® device. This institution deploys the Dechoker® device for patients that are wheelchair or bed-bound where other first-aid maneuvers are ineffective. 

183rd: Nurse Saves 78 Year Old Nursing Home Resident

On August 11, 2021, a 78 year old resident of a Nursing Care facility in Spain who suffers from dementia, choked on a snack he was having.  Luckily, a nursing supervisor was able to use the Dechoker® device to clear the piece of food from the man’s airway, and saved his life.


182nd: Mother Saves 10 Month Old from Choking on Ravioli

On Friday, July 23, 2021, Kasandra’s 10-month-old son was eating butternut squash ravioli that went down the wrong way. Kasandra shared with us that he turned completely blue, was listless, and losing consciousness. She used the Dechoker® device, and with one pull, the food was dislodged and he immediately got his color back. Even when the EMTs arrived, they were extremely impressed with the effectiveness of the Dechoker® device.

Kasandra’s son was born with EA-TEF ( Esophageal Atresia with or without Tracheoesophageal Fistula) which is a congenital anomaly seen in babies when the esophagus ( swallowing tube) is not completely open. This condition makes children more prone to choking.
While doing research upon diagnosis, Kasandra saw an advertisement for the DeChoker and ordered one to have on hand, just in case.
“ If we didn’t have the DeChoker, I can’t even think of what would have happened.”
Kasandra H.


180th: Little Boy's Life Saved From Choking on a Gummy Vitamin

"My 2 year old choked on a gummy elderberry vitamin that he eats every single day. My first instinct was to bend my son over and hit his back. That helped some but I suddenly remembered that I had the Dechoker device and I ran to get it and this took care of the rest. I’m grateful for this device and am purchasing a replacement one. Praying that I won’t need to use it again but I’m fully prepared to if need be. The actual gummy vitamin didn’t come up, he ended up swallowing it but the Dechoker prevented him from choking on the built up mucus. There was a lot of it!  By the time the Firefighter EMT’s arrived he was completely fine and asked to go to the park. They checked him out and said that everything looked good. I showed them the Dechoker and what was inside and they said that it looked like that was what made the difference. I bought the Dechoker in December 2020 and I’m glad that I did. I don’t know what would have happened yesterday if I hadn’t. Afterwards, my son took pictures with the Fire Captain and one of the EMT’s in front of their fire truck which was a happy ending to a very scary situation."  Gloria


179th: Baby's Life Saved While Camping

Dechoker Saves Lives

"My husband and I were on a camp trip with our 9 month old son, Banks over the 4th of July.  My husband was out surfing and Banks and I were in our camper.
He was playing on the floor of the camper in a safe designated area we have set up for him. Soon I heard him coughing and I looked over at him which is when he started choking. I patted his back firmly to try and get whatever was in his mouth out. I then put my finger down his throat and all I could feel were some teething crackers he had been snacking on. Crackers he’s been eating since he was 7 months old.  However, I didn’t want to push the crackers further down his throat and make it worse. He started turning bright red as tears were streaming down his face.  I then started the infant Heimlich which was unsuccessful. He started turning a tiny tint of blue which is when I laid him on his back, grabbed the DeChoker and with one attempt successfully dislodged a piece of plastic out of his throat. Something he must have just picked up somewhere off the floor. This SAVED his life!!  I’m certified CPR for work but I will take the DeChoker EVERYWHERE with me!  We do a lot of traveling in our camper and this was the first time I took the DeChoker with us.  For whatever reason I grabbed it last minute and THANK YOU to whatever Angel is protecting him. The DeChoker saved my Sons life!!!"  Nikki P.

178th: Nurse saved a Nursing Home Resident in Spain 




177th: Parents saved their toddler daughter

"Today was the scariest day of my entire life. Iris was watching a funny cartoon while she ate dinner. It wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, but I had just looked up to ask her to be careful of laughing too crazy while she’s eating because she can choke. Before I could get the words out of my mouth she did exactly what I was worried about. She inhaled dramatically and the food she was chewing got stuck in her throat. Her face almost instantly turned red and the panic on her face will haunt my dreams for a while. I immediately started patting her back and moved on to the Heimlich. It wasn’t working and she started to go limp in my arms. My husband was already grabbing and opening the @dechoker that I bought just 3 months ago. It took about 6 seconds to get it open, in her mouth and pulling a piece of meat out of her throat.

Hearing her take a huge gasp of air and starting to cry was a miracle. My poor baby was so scared and I don’t know how me and her daddy didn’t have a heart attack. I was very close to it and sat sobbing on the floor and thanking God for a good long time. I saw this medical device in passing, randomly thought it looked like a smart idea but moved on. Something kept nagging me for the rest of the afternoon that day and I couldn’t shake the feeling that I needed to buy one just in case. I eventually went to find it that night and ordered two. I planned on getting just one for the baby because Luna isn’t the best at chewing yet, but I ended up buying one for Iris too just in case. Needless to say I’m so glad that I bought these and I recommend buying one to ALL of my parent friends. I can’t thank the people who made the Dechoker enough for making this device and for saving my 4 year old’s life. We will be forever grateful for your product.


176th: Mother saved her toddler daughter 

"Our daughter is 19 months old and since she was a baby has always put stuff in her mouth. After too many incidents we saw the Dechoker device and purchased it. She was eating a piece of fish (like she usually does!) when suddenly she started coughing.. I attempted the Heimlich without success and as she was turning blue remembered the Dechoker. Ran and got it. One pull and it was dislodged! This product is AMAZING, I have ordered four more. So thankful." L.B. 


175th Mother saved her 1 year-old son

"My one-year-old son had a choking episode this past spring. Luckily I had purchased a Dechoker for my family for Christmas. I immediately grabbed the Dechoker and was able to free the obstruction before paramedics arrived. I am forever grateful for this device!" E.O.


174th: The Local Police of Massamagrell - Spain Used Dechoker to Save a Toddler Who Was Choking.

“The officers quickly went to the house and practiced the Heimlich Maneuver and used 'The Dechoker' with a positive response.”
Massamagrell Local Police officers saved the life of a 17-month-old toddler who was choking. The policemen went to a call at 22:30 hours alerted of the facts and quickly arrived at the home where they found the little boy with visible symptoms of choking. They used 'the Dechoker' with a positive response in the child who ended up recovering a normal respiratory rate, although he was later transferred to the hospital as a precaution.
The head of the local police, Pepe Ferrer, stressed that the agents, "as a result of the protocols of action for situations like this, knew how to respond quickly and professionally to the emergency, giving the child the most appropriate respiratory maneuver for his situation. We are incredibly pleased with the result."


173rd: Father saved his 4 year-old son

I recently saved my son’s life with the DeChoker here the details:

My son was eating a starburst and it got caught in his throat and he couldn’t breathe.  I did back blows for about 30 - 45 seconds (which seemed like an eternity when I was going through it).  As I did the back blows, I remembered that we had bought a DeChoker and I yelled to my wife to grab it from the cabinet over the fridge.  We got it on my son’s face, and I noticed his lips were already turning blue.  The starburst came out on the first try.  It just popped right out and my son immediately took a deep breath in.  I have never been so relieved in my entire life.  That starburst WOULD NOT BUDGE from the back blows, but it SHOT OUT with the DeChoker.  I had not tried the Heimlich on him yet, but I’m glad I didn’t have to; he is only 4 and I was worried that I would hurt him if I did it too hard.  I’m not trying to sound dramatic, but I’m pretty sure the DeChoker saved his life.  My wife and I bought two; one is above the fridge and one is in the car.  Thanks for your amazing product. Sincerely, CW             


172nd: Parents saved their precious daughter

🚨🚨🚨Choking Storytime🚨🚨🚨🚨
Last night, Finnley choked on a Goldfish cracker. I did everything “right”. I had broken the cracker in half, knowing she wasn’t an expert eater just yet. She was eating happily and then she started gagging. The gagging turned to choking. I am infant and child first aid certified, so I jumped into action with the Heimlich maneuver. It did not work after multiple intense attempts. David ran to get the Dechoker device. We immediately placed her on the floor, lifted her chin to open her airway, and placed the device over her nose and mouth. We then suctioned everything from her throat out, and out came pieces of Goldfish cracker. After a few minutes of intense crying, Finnley calmed down and she was back to my baby. Today, her face is deeply bruised from the suction pressure of the Dechoker, but that $50 device saved her life.
Watch others while they eat. Children choke, but so do adults. Buy this device for your toddlers, the next size up for children, and consider getting one for adults. A $50 device could save your loved one’s life. Every. Second. Counts." H.M.


171st: Becky saved herself.

“Just wanted to say thank you for this product.  I have Barrett’s and eosinophilic esophagitis.  This helped me this morning clear a " soft blockage" (I forgot to eat small pieces of my oatmeal breakfast bar)  Took a bit to get a good seal, but pretty sure it was me (panicked)(Yeah, I was freaking out which makes it worse; I'm human.). Dechoker let me help myself. Since I live alone and family is either too far or advanced age, this gives me another option for independence. And the instructions are spot on. Still scary when it happens but thank you! I have told my family and they are looking into them too because I have a couple nephews that visit my mom.” B.C.


165th to 170th: Spain reported 6 new lives saved at home care facilities.

Dechoker Spain has reported 6 more Lives saved at elder care facilities. The elderly are the second highest risk group for accidental choking. Congratulations and thank you to all of the dedicated elder care facility workers that have saved elders with Dechoker in true choking emergencies.




164th: Parents saved their 10 month-old daughter

"My husband and I had to use our Dechoker on our 8month old little girl.  It was dinner time and my husband had given her a piece of pita bread with avocado on it. He assumed she would bite off a little Chunk (we have used BLW for all our children). She had taken a bigger bite than he had thought and within seconds you could see the fear on her face and she was silent crying he patted her on her back, didn’t work. he flipped her upside down, didn’t work, tried to physically suck it out of her mouth and of course didn’t work. I remembered I bought the Dechoker a few months back and ran to get it out of my car. We could only afford one so I carry it everywhere we go (car included). 

After running across the house I ran right to her he held her at an angle but not laying down. I put the mask over her, he held it while I pulled the lever. It took 2 tries and it finally dislodged from her throat. 
I was so scared, I didn’t even think to get a picture but it was a pretty large chunk. If I hadn’t have gotten this device our little girl would not be here today. 
I’m so thankful for your company. It saved my babies life and I will be forever grateful for that. "


163rd: Mother saved her 1 year-old daughter

"Dechoker your product recently saved my 1 year old daughters life! I bought it a couple month ago hoping I’d never have to use it but 2 days ago my daughter choked on tortilla and avocado. I didn’t realize the tortilla was so dry and she choked. She turned dark red, tears were streaming down her face and she was reaching for me from her high chair absolutely terrified. Back slaps didn’t do anything so I ran and grabbed the Dechoker. One pull cleared her airway and she breathed hard and cried her eyes out. It was the most relieving cry I’ve ever heard and hope we never go through this experience again,  I’ve never been so scared in my life. 

To everyone out there, this CAN happen to you! Please buy one of these; they save lives. Because of this product this beautiful little baby gets to keep growing up. I can’t imagine my life without my little Cady and can’t thank Dechoker enough for making such a miracle product! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" C.J.


162nd: Father reported that his wife saved their 10 month-old daughter

Dechoker saved my 10 month old baby girl. She swallowed something she found on the ground and started choking. There was no air going in or out. My wife started immediately trying to give her back slaps and finger sweeps but nothing was working. That’s when she remembered the Dechoker. My sister-in-law held her still while my wife used the device. It instantly dislodged what we found out was a jellybean probably dropped by our 3 year old. This is literally the best purchase I have ever made in my entire life. Who knows how long it would have taken help to show up. J.G.


161st: Parents saved their 5 year-old son

 "Tonight our biggest fear almost became reality. Our kids love hotdogs and tonight our 5 year old almost choked to death. I can not explain how quickly it happened, happy and laughing turned into silence and panic. The look on my 5 year old's face was terrifying. I tried backslaps and abdominal thrusts but we could not get the hotdog out. We purchased a Dechoker several months ago and I placed it on top of the refrigerator. Thank God we remembered we had it. My husband had my son on the kitchen table and with one good pull of the Dechoker, a wad of hotdog and bun came out. This product truly saved his life. We had my son checked out by the fire department and he received a clean bill of health. Please if you have children get this product. "



160th: Father saved his 3 year-old daughter

I literally just bought this device.... thank GOD less than a week later our 3 year old choked 100% blockage on a nugget and this device with one pull  it came out!


Literally just watched my daughter choke without being able to breath even a little, completely blocked... a week or so ago I heard a story about a man who lost his son many years ago to choking, the next day I bought this device... less than a week later I used it to save my daughters life..... no maneuvers worked and she couldn’t breath.... thank you God and I highly recommend grabbing this Dechoker if you have little ones. C.J.


159th: Mom saved her 4-year old Daughter: Jasmine!

"I saw the Dechoker advertised on Facebook around tax time of 2020. I have 5 kids, and one fear I’ve always had with kids is choking. So I bought the toddler size one without hesitation. It had been easily accessible in our medicine cabinet for 8 months when we were downstairs and our 4 year old daughter started choking on a quesadilla. I hit her on the back, then her face started to turn red and she couldn’t cough anymore so I did the Heimlich and still nothing. It all happened so fast and I felt like I couldn’t breath myself, I picked her up and ran up the stairs, I remember knocking all of the medicine bottles out of the medicine cabinet to get to the Dechoker, I laid her on the table and without even reading how to use it, I put it in her mouth and pulled up really fast like a syringe, it made a very scary sound but it got the food out on the first try. She was able to cough then take a drink. Every parent needs this in their home." M.B.


158th: Wife saved her Husband

"Make that 158 lives saved! Here is my Facebook post"  B.A.


157th: Husband saved his wife


156th: Heidy was saved by her mommy!

2 Year old Heidi and her mom April. During a morning snack, Heidi began to choke. April could see Heidi was in distress. April started abdominal thrusts but could not dislodge the obstruction. Heidi was not getting air. April remembered she had purchased the Dechoker just a few months ago. On the very first Dechoker pull, the obstruction was removed. Heidi was getting air again. We thank April for sharing  with us her story and pictures. April is another Dechoker hero!! 


155th: Father saved another child in a baseball game

Hello guys. Love your product. As a father of 3.5yo twin boys that go 100mph and into everything all the time, the Dechoker is a must for us. I take it to all of our baseball games. We’ve even had to use it on another kid choking on a jolly rancher. Lance 


154th Saved by her Parents!

Two days ago, our daughter was chugging her juice from her water bottle. Suddenly, she coughed (while drinking) and turned to me holding her throat. I immediately tried to help her in all the ways I knew how: pats, arm up, turn her upside down, etc etc, but it wouldn’t clear. At this point, we had a friend call 911, and my husband grabbed the Dechoker. On the first try, juice came out. On the second try, she was breathing!! 

Whew!!! We were all thanking Jesus. The paramedics gave her a 👍and a fist bump, and we snuggled her all night. 

 It’s $50 and worth it! If we didn’t have it, she would’ve been hospitalized at the very least. 

 Grateful, thankful, blessed, A.D.


#153 Stevie was choking on a smore!


How does a fun camping trip turn into an almost tragic event? A parent sent us a testimonial and a picture of their son who as saved by Dechoker. Enjoying making smores by an open fire one minute and a panic to save a child the next moment. The choking child’s family did not even have a Dechoker with them, a neighboring RV couple had purchased one for a just in case moment. Little Stevie pictured in this ad is alive today because someone else was prepared for a choking emergency. “He was choking on a smore. It was supposed to be a fun day and I was thinking, OMG I could lose my son today. P.D.”


#152 Grandmother saved granddaughter.

I’m writing to inform you that my mother was able to save my daughter’s life using the Dechoker. My daughter is four years old and doesn’t always chew her food well. She took a bite of a banana and choked. My mother, a registered nurse trained in using the Heimlich maneuver, was unable to dislodge the food and grabbed the Dechoker. The Dechoker removed the food instantly. I’m so glad we have a Dechoker in the house just in case of situations like this. Everyone should have one in their home. Thanks. A.W.


# 151 Parents saved their son choking from Cereal

"Your product saved my three-year-old son’s life this morning! He was eating his cereal and I was making coffee; I assume he chewed it into mush and aspirated on that, at some point I looked at him, he walked over to me and was blue, I tried the Heimlich maneuver, but it did not work, and he passed out. Heimlich on a toddler is hard and was not working. I called 911 and got the Dechoker out of the drawer, my wife used it and it worked immediately to clear his airway before I was finished giving our address to 911. Paramedics came and were so happy to see him breathing on his own.” A.H.


# 150 Mom saved her son choking from Noodles

God bless your company. I had 2 choking incidents before with my son and did the Heimlich and scooped, and it worked but then I was scared after that and bought the Dechoker.

During dinner, my son choked oddly with noodles, I cut them up too, I do not know how it happened, he was shoving just too much at one time.  Choking is the one thing I do not mess around with; it is so scary. I did a small attempt to do the Heimlich, but nothing happened. I went straight for the Dechoker, it was in the kitchen and it was right in the drawer next to me while he was choking. It worked immediately with the Dechoker; he was saved.

I only post stuff I really believe in, and I do not accept paid partnerships. So, I genuinely believe in your product. So, thank you! G.E.


# 149 Firefighter saved his Niece

 As a father of 2 and a fireman when I saw this product I knew the importance of it. As the family laughed that I bought 3, one for diaper bag, one for home, and one for grandparents house they all thought when would we ever use that? My answer was this is something I never want to use but it is a needed medical device that has to be readily available. Well tonight at dinner unfortunately the device had to be used. My 11 month old Niece choked on a large chunk of mashed potatoes. Do to the quick thinking of fellow family members they quickly got her out of her high chair and started back blows. I grabbed the Dechoker and after 2 pumps her airway was clear. Thanks to you guys that have made this excellent medical device, we were able to clear the obstruction within a second. I am very surprised that we do not carry this device on the fire engines and in ambulances.  Thank you very much, Austin S.


Saves #146, 147 and 148 are from UK

Our Partners from U.K. reported Triple Christmas Care Home Choking Tragedies avoided.

Three residents are ‘still alive for Christmas’ thanks to the quick responses of care staff at three separate care home choking incidents.

In what could have easily been a triple tragedy for several families, care staff stepped in with Dechoker – avoiding the heartache at possibly the worst time of year.

A Dechoker is used around once a week in a life threatening choking incident across the adult care sector and so it’s not unusual to receive a request for replacement device to be sent to a provider.


#145 is a 3-year-old boy!

“I used the Dechoker to pull cotton from my sons airway. I was not sure if it would work but with two pulls my sons airway was cleared!”

“My 3-year-old special needs son was in his crib napping. I heard him stirring around so I started to put my 6-month-old daughter down so I could go get my son. I heard him laughing and making happy noises, so I did not rush to secure my daughter in her bouncer. His silly noises turned to coughing and choking so after securing my daughter I hurried to my son’s room. He was obviously choking on something, but I was not sure of what since I always make sure there’s nothing he can choke on when I put him in his crib. As I picked him up to assist him, I saw a small hole in his teddy bear with bits of cotton hanging out and I knew that is what he was choking on. I did a finger swipe and was unsuccessful at retrieving anything. I rushed him down the hall to where his diaper bag with the Dechoker was all while giving him back blows with no result. I laid him on the table, still gagging and choking and used the Dechoker. I was unsure if would work on a soft material like cotton, since it was not a solid object, so I called 911 while using the Dechoker. It took two pulls to pull out all the cotton, but he stopped choking and took a good deep breath. The 911 operator stayed on the phone with me until I was sure my son was out of danger, but I was able to cancel the 911 call because of the Dechoker. Thank you so much. I recommend every parent has one!” K.C.


#144 Mom saved her son

We pray you never need to use the Dechoker but are confident that Dechoker can save a life.
The Testimonial from the mom:
" You just saved my son's life!!! He was eating a pork chop this evening and started to choke (he could not breath) - I grabbed my DeChoker and it pulled the piece of pork chop right out as advertised. Words cannot express my gratitude. Forever Grateful,” L.G.


Sweet Grandpa Barry from Florida is # 143


1 year old boy is #142

"My 1 year old choked on a piece of lil sticks. My wife tried to pat his back and that did not work. Luckily my wife told me one night to buy the Dechoker. It saved his life." C.B.


#141 is a little girl from Alaska

"As being a new dad I like taking 2 steps ahead of everything with a game plan, and being a new father and seeing this product, I knew I had to have one on hand. My daughter is now getting to eat finger foods and treats and this evening she was enjoying berries and one happen to block her airway, I didn't panic and responded as quickly as possible with the Dechoker I bought for babies and sure enough it dislodged the berry as it was not only blocking her airway but lodged in and using the product I even felt it dislodge while using it! I cannot thank you enough! I urge everyone to definitely keep one in their household! Thank you!" J.A. 


#140 is an 11 year old boy!

"My 11 YO son Parker who has Down Syndrome and is autistic sat at the dinner table. My wife placed a bagel in front of him. She went to grab a knife to cut it up for him. Once she left he grabbed the bagel and took a large bit. When she returned he was chocking. Turning red. Panicking. He vomited. It wouldn't dislodge. She grabbed the Dechoker and used it to immediately dislodge the bagel. She had never used it before or even held it. It was simple to use and effective. We truly believe it saved Parkers life." S.J.


# 139 is Bella.

Meet 5-year-old Isabella (Her mom calls her Bella). This is what Bella’s mom sent Dechoker along with her picture:

“I could not believe how quickly it happened. One-minute Bella was watching T.V. enjoying her grapes and then the normal sounds of my 5-year-old stopped. I could see her immediately struggle to stand, the fear I saw in her eyes was terrifying. Within seconds her face turned blue as she grabbed at her mouth and throat. I panicked, slapping her on the back and reaching into her mouth to get the grape out. My husband heard my screams for help and came running, he did the same as I did slap her, even turning her upside down. When I was calling 911, Bella’s eyes closed. My husband remembered we had the Dechoker on the refrigerator and on the second pull, the grape came out. As Bella started to breathe again, I realized I almost lost my little princess. EMTs arrived and had Bella checked out. Thank the good Lord she is fine. Thank you for inventing this miracle product, my daughter is alive today because of this.” M.M.


# 136, 137 and 138 are from SPAIN.

A great day at Dechoker. One of our Elderly Care facilities in Spain has sent us confirmation of three saves of choking elder residents in their facilities. Below are the actual incident reports translated into English. The amazing part of these saves is that all three had different Medical Professionals present performing the Heimlich maneuver first. All three victims were choking on a unique substance, and the Heimlich failed in all three incidents. Dechoker was used successfully in all three facilities. Dechoker does not claim to be a replacement for the Heimlich, but Dechoker is a highly effective device that can be used in a choking emergency and should be in every household.


#135 is a 9 months old baby!

"I just wanted to say this product saved my sons life last night. I am and forever grateful for it!! He is 9 months going on 10! ❤️
Our son was choking on toast and unable to breathe after we preformed the Heimlich and everything else in our power! I ran and grabbed our Dechoker that I keep close by always and it sucked the toast right out! I am thanking God I chose to buy the Dechoker because without it my son would not be here. I couldn't imagine losing him and have never been so scared in my life. This truly saved him and I will forever have a Dechoker on hand for my son, myself, or a family member!"  S.S.


 Alia is reported save #134. 

“Chilling on the couch with the baby. Watching videos on phone. She is next to me quietly. Too quiet. I notice she is sitting upright lightheaded. She cannot breathe, I am not sure if 5 seconds or a minute had already passed, I immediately try to remove the pretzel she was eating by hitting her back/Heimlich etc. Nothing. 30 seconds had passed. So now it is 30 seconds plus however long, I remember we have a Dechoker device in her bag... adrenaline too high and the baby is now basically lifeless, and I thought she died on my watch. I remember thinking "if she dies tonight, I die tonight as well. I thought I was about to fail her as a father and guardian.. That was not good. This pretzel was stuck deep. My wife found the Dechoker. I finally lay her down on the ottoman and get the pretzel out for good, the pretzel was not like a "piece" of pretzel, it was chewed - mush and caused it to block airway.
I know she's my blood/ my kid because somehow, she still had a pretzel and continued eating it as I walked around holding her... We sat on the couch. She laid down still hugging me. Very intense. Hope that never happens again”


#133 Parents saved their daughter during a trip.

"My name is Chelsey, … my husband and I went on a boat ride with our 1.5-year-old daughter and brought some strawberries to munch on. My daughter was eating one when all of a sudden we noticed she was struggling to breathe, we both know the Heimlich maneuver but we bought the Dechoker anyways because you just never know… With one pump of the Dechoker the strawberry was dislodged from her throat. We are so so thankful for this and that our daughter is still here with us today. There are not enough thank you’s to express!"


#132  SON who SAVED his FATHER:

Dechoker has saved another choking victim. This is save #132. Please take a moment and read this encounter which came straight from the SON who SAVED his FATHER:
 "This device 100% saved my dads life last night. He started choking nothing was working and grabbed it from the cabinet and on the third pull it came out. He would not be here today if I didn’t buy that for them. He’s my best friend, THANK YOU for your company and product from our family." A.A.
 *The family reporting this save did not want their picture or names posted publicly. With their permission, we are posting their exact words of the incident but not their names or pictures. The picture in this post is a stock photo.


#131 Ben saved his son


"My name is Ben,  A few nights ago the Dechoker saved my sons life. He's 8 years old.  He was eating... cereal in the living room and I heard him making a odd noise. I looked over from the kitchen and he appeared to be struggling to breath. I asked him if he could breathe and he looked up and just shook his head no. I asked him again and he shook his head in more of a panic this time. I grabbed the Dechoker from the top of the fridge and ripped the packaging open. I got down on the floor and he put the tube in his mouth and I pushed the mouth piece against him to make a seal. I pumped the handle 4 times and on the 4th pull I felt the suction get really tight and then the cereal came out. He took a huge breath and was ok after that."

I want to thank you with everything I have. I don't know the Heimlich maneuver and am certain that the Dechoker saved his life. 


129th and 130th LIVES SAVED!


Dechoker has been informed of two more saves at an Adult Care Facility. This is the testimonial of a care worker from the facility:

“This works! Saved two lives at my job. I was working at an adult day care which basically is a place for elderly people to go… two people (on separate occasions) were choking... and once all other methods continued to fail (in both instances)- someone ran for the DeCHOKER and it worked and saved their lives” M.M.


#128 is this beautiful little angel in the picture.

“I heard her making a strange noise and looked up to see she was choking and her skin was turning purple. We flipped her across my husbands lap and began tapping her back trying to clear her throat. At this point we called 911. We then remembered out Dechoker we had bought a few months prior and ran to get it. We used it as directed and heard a loud suction as we pulled and the lever. There was a large piece of chicken from lunch that the Dechoker dislodged from her throat and she was able to take a big gasp of air and let out a cry. After her throat was cleared the paramedics arrived about 10 minutes later to examine her and she was healthy and doing well. I know it was a sign from God that we bought this product and I am confident it saved our baby girls life. I am so grateful for this product and may God bless everyone that works for this company.” A.H.




A Plastic Wrapper Can Be Deadly
 "This morning while I was making lily breakfast daisy was happily playing in the pantry which I allowed because I keep things clean and didn’t think there was anything in there that would hurt her.... well... as I’m standing there watching her play I notice she’s starting to struggle. She’s obviously chocking. So I zone in on her and watch her to see if she’ll be able to resolve it herself... As I watch I just know she’s struggling more and more. As the seconds are going by and she’s now turning all blotchy and red I’m starting to panic. When she made no noise other than choking sounds by this point I had her in my hands and was trying to dislodge it through her chest compressions... I could tell this was bad.. this was REALLY bad she needed some serious help. I contemplated wether to call 911 right then or grab my Dechoker that I had in a safe spot easily accessible. quickly I grabbed it and used it on her and a ball of plastic was dislodged from her throat. This device saved my babies life today. I had 911 typed in my phone and was ready to call till I realized that the device did what it was supposed to and cleared her airways. I’m writing this all teary eyed so thankful that she’s her playing next to me. I highly suggest getting this device if you have little kids... my morning could have been a tragedy with out it."
A Parent Saves Her Daughter


#125 Casey

Mom Removes Shrimp Obstruction
 "Caseyboo had a bit of a rough evening at dinner tonight...she choked on some shrimp. While daddy got her up and tried to see if changing her position helped, I ran to get her #dechoker device and we were successful in suctioning out that piece of shrimp you see in the photo. This is a constant concern we have with Casey as she can be a lazy chewer AND tends to chipmunk food away in her cheek causing a traffic jam in her little throat. A year or so ago Dad, @grumpyduckphart , was watching her alone one weekend and Casey choked so badly on breakfast potatoes, dad had to rush her to the ER to make sure she had not aspirated any in her lungs. A few weeks ago my cousin, Dr. Greg Simmons, showed me this device and I ordered a child/adult set for $99 on Amazon.....tonight was the first time we used it and I am grateful for my cousin showing it to me....and now I am showing it to you so you might consider having a set in your own households to use in the event of an emergency❤"