Another Needless Victim Requests

"I'm a RN in a dayhab facility and today is the funeral for one of our individuals who choked on a marshmallow last night. This product happened to show up in my feed today but I don't believe this was happenstance. I understand you are generously giving away some of these units. If we could have one to use at our residence, I believe our precious M would be alive today. Thank you for your consideration" - JK 10/29/15

Please help Dechoker get in every hospital, assisted living, daycare, restaurant, cruise line, etc and help stop stories like these!

"My husband and I recently had a 3 wk. trip planned to England to visit and stay with friends that lived in Crewe, England. We've never been to Europe, and it was the vacation of a lifetime. The first night there, we all went to a restaurant for dinner. As soon as they brought our food to the table, our host took a bite and immediately left the table. Little did we know at that time that he had choked on a piece of lamb. His wife followed after him, and seeing that he was struggling, she administered the Heimlich maneuver to no avail. The restaurant manager also tried the Heimlich, but again to no avail. After he had collapsed and was no longer breathing, the paramedics were called and arrived to administer CPR. At one point, one paramedic actually said, "He's gone, we've lost him, there's no pulse", and then they gave him a shot of something which brought him back. We witnessed all of this tragic, horrific accident. What was to be a wonderful 3 week vacation, turned out to be a nightmare. The following day, we decided to return home so that our friend's wife could dedicate her time to her husband, who was in critical care, on a ventilator, in a medical induced coma, and fighting for his life. It has been 5 weeks now, and he is still in the hospital. We pray everyday for his complete recovery. It was a traumatic experience for all of us." - WB 10/30/15