Thank you to our Investors

We cannot thank our investors enough for their support in the Dechoker Medical Device.  Our investors saw the potential of a great financial investment but more importantly they felt the Dechoker medical device could possible save lives and needed to be made available to consumers as soon as possible. Many of our investors not only provided the financial means to get us here but many provided invaluable support when the Dechoker product was nothing more than an idea proposed to solve a problem of pandemic proportions – choking!

Capable of Change

We truly believe our investors have donated a part of themselves to an idea that is truly capable of changing the world. Everyone has experienced the fear associated with an obstructed airway to some extent. Some have directly felt the horror of not knowing whether your next breath will ever come, while others have witnessed a friend or loved one endure this pain and can attest to the helpless position it can put one in as a bystander. While it is often easy to point out a problem, our investors chose to act – not just for themselves, but for everyone.

Not Just an Idea

Because of that decision to act, Dechoker is no longer just an idea.  So, to our investors we offer a most sincere and heartfelt “thank you.” Thank you for your financial backing, your unwavering support, and your strongly held conviction to truly make the world a better and safer place for everyone.

Thank you,
Dechoker Management