Donation Personal Stories and Requests

Dechoker loves helping people and being able to assist those in need, we believe in a strong company culture and giving back. We want to share with the public the overwhelming need for this product and the type of stories and requests we get daily.

Please continue requesting donations for those in need by submitting your information here, it is our way of giving back and giving you peace of mind. 

Personal Stories and Requests

  • "Hello. I am writing to inquire about your donation program and to check if my 2.5 year old son would qualify. He has dysphagia, CP, and low tone causing swallowing problems. This product could be a life saver. Thank you." - JH 10/6/15

  • "My dtr has Holoprosencephaly, a congenital brain condition. As a result she also has cerebral palsy and aspiration/feeding issues. She has to drink thickened formula or eat puréed. I am interested in one of these please!" - SS 9/26/15

  • "My 14 month old son has Cerebral Palsy and chokes very easily. He is still strictly on stage 2 baby food and milk." - TS 10/4/15

  • "Hello! I have a 7 year old son and also care for my father in stage 4 lung cancer and radiation has made swalling near impossible. My son has almost severe CP but still eats by mouth. His swallow is often weak and in the past 6 months he has choked a lot more then usual, 3 times where he couldnt even cough. Scariest thing ever. My dad also has choked to many times. This would be life saving and life changing for my family. I also have a toddler w swallowing problems and apraxia of speech. I am a single mother and solely care for all 3 people alone! Is there any type of finacial program or donation program you have for this? Or any possible way for funding help for people who live under poverty level?!!?? I have to find a way to get this in our home sooner, rather then later. Thank you kindly!" - CT 10/8/15
  • "I have a toddler with severe developmental delays and major medical issues. She is 3 1/2 and has no gag reflex. She was starved as an infant (I adopted her) and sucks her hands all the way to the wrist. She is just now putting things in her mouth and I am afraid of her chocking. Do you think this can help her?" - MS 10/5/15

  • "I really need one of these for my 5 year old daughter who has cerebral palsy and seizures. She has choked many times. This could definitely be a life saver." - KB 10/5/15

  • "I would like to know how to get one for my 5yr old son with cerebral palsy, epilepsy, along with many other diagnoses. He has feeding difficulties and chokes often!" - JG 10/6/15

  • "I almost cried when I saw this. My 4 yr old son chokes on something he shoves in his mouth almost weekly. He has Down syndrome and autism and silent dysphagia with zero gag reflex. Please oh please send me one." - HF 10/7/15

  • "Hi my son its turning 5 this month currently in hospital due to aspiration if his vomit and unfortunately getting pneumonia.. how can we go about acquiring this device... Thank you..." - KK 10/4/15

  • "How can get on for my 7 years old daughter with cp?" - AT 10/7/15

  • "My son has cp along with epilepsy WPW syndrome svt pvl and sensory disorder. He could really use this device and it would give us peace of mind" - JO 10/9/15

  • "CP on a Gtube aspiration etc is a great possibility" - EW 10/9/15

  • "Two year old with posterior tongue and lip tie, choking on solid foods" - SS 10/9/15

  • "i know you are giving 1000 away- that is amazing!! Do you happen to have a scholarship program or a payment plan? We have so many expenses right now and there is no way we can afford $150- but are desperate to have this life saving product. We have a child who puts every thing in her mouth- even to where she licks the ground( she is not sitting -crawling- or walking yet. She has turned blue twice and countless times the ER Dr has had to retrieve things from her mouth/ back of her throat. I'm petrified to leave her any where or even put her on the ground- no matter how clean I keep things the 8 other kids in my house drop things on the floor. Please consider my girlie for the trial- or give away! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making such a life saving product!" - AS 10/8/15

  • "My daughter has dysphagia, epilepsy this would be awesome to have around!! She chokes on her spit a lot too!" - JC 10/13/15

  • "I filled out a form for my son that has Menkes syndrome, cardiomyopathy hypotonia, seizures, GJ feeding tubes and several other challenges associated with these diseases. He is nonverbal and wheelchair-bound. He chokes almost every night and we have to flip him over and try to help him get it out. If this works it will be a Godsend and we will spread the word in the Menkes community around the world." - HS 10/13/15

  • "I filled out the request and we got ours in the mail yesterday. Thank you so much for the peace of mind and helping us keep my 13 year old with CP safe!" - AM 10/12/15

  • "Our son is seven with a rare brain disorder that required the removal of half his brain,we have struggled with choking and fear of choking all his life! It's so hard to help your child when they have a hard time even trying to swallow or cough things out. The fear of that the next time and the drama of the actual moment always lingers at every mealtime. Hoping we are one of the lucky families to receive such a great device." - CR 10/12/15

  • "My dgtr has Sensory Processing Disorder w severe texture issues & choking issues. She's 4 1/2 & we've had to do the Hemlich on her quite a few times. How would we get 1 for her??" - KG 10/12/15

  • "I just received this device in the mail for my son. Thank you so much!! I won't say I can't wait to use it, but I'm glad I have it if he should need it. My son has down syndrome, autism and silent aspiration. He constantly chokes on the simplest of things, food, etc. thank you again for this product, and for donating to a boy that needs it so!" - HF 10/13/15

  • "I am so thankful for this tool for my family! What an awesome thing you guys are doing! This will save lives!!" - SR 10/17/15

  • "My son aspirates and has cerebral palsy, seizures and multiple medical issues." - JB 10/14/15

  • "I am so happy that I purchased my dechoker, I knew it would be something I might have a need for sometime. However, I didn't expect to needed as soon as did. It was cold morning here Ohio and I was drinking my morning juice. All at once something odd happened, I realized I had swallowed more than the juice. Something was stuck in my throat. I also felt pain on my lower jaw. I put my tongue on the lower side where I was feeling the pain and realized something was wrong. I ran to mirror and saw I had lost a crown on one of my teeth. Then I realized the thing in my throat had to be my crown. I tried to coagh it up, didn't work and then I remembered my dechoker. I laid down on the floor followed the directions tried it two times. I didn't really feel anything so I called my dentist they sent me to the emergency room. After the x-ray was taken, nothing was found, so I went back home. Once there I looked at the dechoker and realized my crown was actually in the cylinder of the dechoker. I thought my crown would be in my mouth but there it was in the cylinder all the time. . It would take over 20 minutes to get emergency help here where I live and they are volunteers. I am so thankful that the dechoker is on the market. It is as important as smoke detectors and fire extinguisher." RG 04/14/16